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Crash with beta


Greetings guys,

I uninstalled my TDM Beta and installed the latest installment. I made an update to a stored procedure, closed the Stored Procedure Editor window and clicked the icon to generate the SQL script. When I got a weird JScript error message (Attachment 1). After that I got a weird script tab that popped up and I seemed pretty stuck. I quit and started up again and things seem better, but I wanted to pass word along.

Keep up the good work!!!




Hi Sean,

we need exactly same “manual” of what you were doing in procedures.Something like :

  1. Open procedure
  2. Change Name to …
  3. Change Schema to …
  4. Switch to Permissions

I’m using your model for testing in Convertor,Compare,reports,DDL generator and others in Beta,development exe,Full and still no error :-/ Your model looks good in tests.But I know,that I can’t reproduce what you were changed.

I hope,that we can find it soon.



If memory serves, it went something like this:

  1. Open TDM
  2. Change sort in Physical Explorer to Sort by Name
  3. Expand Stored Procedures Section
  4. Double click on procedure dbo.usp_selContractByKeywordList
  5. Select (if not already selected) SQL code tab.
  6. Make changes to procedure.
  7. Click Apply.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Click icon to generate SQL script.
  10. ** Get Error **

I hope this helps.


Hello Dillie-O,

Thanks very much for the details. I’m pleased to inform you that the problem you reported has been fixed. It was not a problem connected with your model. Your model is fine.
Thanks very much for your help!


Vladka + Tomas + Team