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Crashing when switching connections


The process for switching connections no longer works with the drop box near the
top of the window. You can only switch connections using the lower part.
That said, if you try switching using the top drop box, the editors and
connections get confused, associating themselves randomly, and Toad crashes.

Try this with at least three connections to different Oracles, and have at least
two editors in each connection, one connection having a query builder.

Also, when many connections are up, and one times out, clicking reconnect
crashes Toad.



Tom, I was able to produce some of the issues you mentioned and entered
CR77,053. What I found is that most of the issues occur when a query is running
and the Query builder has been given focus. The Query build is not like the
editors that change focus when the connection is changed. No one connection is
associated with the Query Builder. This is intentional so a user can build
cross-platform queries.

We are investigating the hanging and crashing when QB gets focus. Can you try
the same thing below but without the use of a Query Builder and confirm that is
where the issue is?