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CRC error in beta 3 download?


Unable to extrace setup from the downloaded zip, with WinZip or WinRAR - unrepairable CRC errors in both cases. Same result with downloads on separate PCs.



We’ve verified it in WinZip version 11.0(7313) and it worked properly.
Please try out this WinZip version.

For a quick control, the size of the compressed file is 4 469 680 bytes.

Please let us know the result. Thanks!


Vladka & TDM Team


Have tried with WinZip 11.1.7466 (current from the WinZip site), WinZip 9, and WinRAR 3.51. I have also verified my downloaded files are 4 469 680 bytes.

Is there a location where I can get to an un-zipped copy of the setup .exe ?


Hi Matt,

I’ve checked the file available to download ( and I have no problem with unzipping the file using WinZip, Total Commander or native Windows unzip.

The MD5 sum of the file which you can get using the link above is: c1f982a0a583aa17d540d7d97704130b. Please check, if the sum of yours file is exactly the same. You can check MD5 using following tools:
…or any other MD5 tool which you can find in the web.

A few times it happend to me that I got file from any site and couldn’t unzip it even, if the size of the file is identical to the size declared by source site. Maybe the file you possess is damaged (but on both two PCs?!?.. that’s amazing). I suggest you to download the TDM3 once more. Please clear your browser’s cache before you start downloading the file.

Best regards,


Same problem with CRC error here.

I’ve downloaded the file via:

  • IE 6.0.2900.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519

  • Firefox
    I’ve tried to open the file via:

  • XP compressed file.

  • PKZip and PKZip command line.

  • WinZip 11.1 Build 7466
    All produce a CRC failure.


In my case, the problem appears to be related to my corporate firewall or antivirus - downloading from a different location resulted in a ZIP file that I could open. Trying again from the office produced the same CRC errors.


That is indeed my scenario as well. I will download again when I get home and let you know. Thanks.