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I ’ ve suggestion with list of available dabases in Databases combo. You list only databases from local client, but usualy users are connected to remote database , and list of available connections could be inadequate to the real state of connections on remote database. So maybe it would be usfull to sign this list as “databases from local settings”, and add list of hosts from existing dblinks on the curent database, marking that this is list of currently used hosts.
select distinct upper(host) from all_db_links

Think about this.

By the way , as I wrote in on of previous threads , in current connection list , local listener is listed too, and should be removed :wink:

Regards Piter


Just for fun, maybe on more option for db_links.
In popup menu maybe could be useless something like “close database link” …
alter session close database link

Regards Piter


Hi Piter,
Thanks for your suggestions and enhancement requests on the DBLink VOE.
We will raise a request on your behalf and will consult with our domain expert on how best to implement these features for you.



Thanks Bruce,
I know events that user saing “Why does this dblink is invalid! I did everything what i should do” - yes but he choose local tns name, not remote.
Maybe some message like : “Be sure that database name , you specified , exists in remote database TNS config” would by on the place.

Thanks&Regards Piter


Thanks Piter for the input. We will take it int consideration.



I’d attached simple script parsing tnsnames from pl/sql, of course it can be programmed in other language, but just method of locating tnsnames is important.
I’m using mechanism from this script to automated creation and validation of dblinks. I tested it on Win32 and HP-UX with Oracle 10g.
Script is based on standby_archive_dest variable, if you know better method, pls let me know.
Maybe you can use something from this script in dblink wizard.

Regards Piter. (999 Bytes)


In this way, maybe we could think about managing server tnsnames.ora, using server side installed package. Has any Ora developer tool has that mechanism?