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Create new object name


I’ve seen this on creating different objects (tables, packages, views, etc.), and I’ve just seen it again on Materialized Views, I’m just not sure why it does it.

In the Object Navigator, click on Materialized Views, and then right-click and select Create. A dialog box will ask for a Name. It doesn’t matter what you type in there, because after you complete everything you need, and then click “apply changes to DB (ctrl-S)”, another dialog box will pop up and ask for the name again. It has the original name, and it’s easy enough to click OK, I’m just wondering if that is by design?



Hi Charlie,

The short answer is, yes it is by design.
I had a chat to Bruce, and we’ve decided to review this workflow.
We may add an option in the preferences to display this ‘rename’ dialogue when applying the changes, or we may remove the dialogue altogether??
There may be Nav users that like this workflow, so the preferences option may be a better route to take.

I’ve logged a CR to have the functionality reviewed:
If there is anyone that has an opinion on this workflow, please speak up!!



I my opinion, second dialog is good think because, user can change object name directly before save, sometimes first name is not adequate . But in my work i’m not used to use second dialog because i don’t click save, but sql button - to generate creation scripts. I prefer scripts, because i want to control creation parameters

I thing that you could customize this situation in preferences, as you suggested.

Regards Piter.


Thanks for the input Piter!!