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CREATE OR REPLACE ... strange error


it’s hard to explain…
please see the scren shot.


Sorry, the ORA-00904 comes from a real issue.
It’s just about the strange color highlighting.

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Hi Andre,

I think with the error that you got, it’s supposed to highlight the column that is invalid. Somehow, it highlighted part of the keyword REPLACE instead. I tried to modify some scripts to get the same error but couldn’t get the highlight issue. It would be great if you can provide the original script or a shorter version of the script so that I can try to replicate it here.



Hi Gwen,

I’m sorry but I did not get it reproduced.
No idea what special circumstances lead to this error.
I all my test today the correct piece of code is highlighted.
However, if I run into this issu again, I will notify you.



Thanks for the update, Andre.