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Creating a JDBC trace file


We want to use BMF for Databases to help with our database upgrade and compare two databases of different versions (Sybase 12.5 and Sybase ASE 15.x), and see how these two databases perform under different user loads.
Now, all of our users connect to the database via JDBC. We have a 3 tier application architect, where JDBC runs on the middle tier (there are multiple middle tier servers for load balancing). Do you know how we can create a trace file from JDBC to capture all the events running on the database?
Do we create multiple trace files, or do we just create one trace file? How do we simulate multiple threads? It is an OLTP application architecture.


I do not know of a way to create a JDBC trace file that BMF can use. I know that there is a tracing functionality within Sybase 15 ASE, but do not believe that the output of it can be used within BMF.