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creating a one-to-one relationship


hi all…i’ve been using toad for 2 days and i just wonder how do i create a one-to-one relationship between tables?? seems that everytime i relate tables the relationshp is always one-to-many…and how do i import-export databases in toad??..thanks!..need ur answers ASAP! :smiley:



how do i create a one-to-one relationship between tables?

Edit the relationship. See the Relationship Properties dialog | General tab | Cardinality area | in the Cardinality box, write 1 instead of N.

how do i import-export databases in toad?

Import: See File | Reverse Engineering.
Flash movie on RE:

DDL/SQL script generation - Press F9 to open the Script Generation dialog where you can generate DDL script for the model you created in TDM.
Flash movie:

Alter script generation is also supported in TDM. In current Beta version only for these databases: Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g, MS SQL Server 2005 and MS SQL Server 2008 models - To run the generated script in db, you need to use another tool, e.g. Toad for Oracle for Oracle db.

Please feel free to watch other flash movies and have a look at the Help file or Manual for other information.

If you need any help, please write me back. Thanks.


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