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Creating groups of tests


is it possible to group tests, for ex. if we have “functionality” that uses 15 functions, procedures that are placed in 6 packages, but when we change any of this function, procedure, have to test them all.
Is there a way to group test in some groups, to run them all together ?
I have lots of “functional groups”, so that would be very helpfull for me.



Darek -

Great idea…but we do not yet support this.

I will add it to the feature set for 2.0.

Thanks, SF


So, when release 2.0 is planned ?



Ah, yes, I guess I should have know you would ask that question.

Well…we have no set date yet, but it will not be before the third quarter of this year and likely later.

In the meantime, if you can identify in advance the various programs that you want to test as a functional group, here’s what you could do:

Create a single package that contains the specification for each of the programs you want to test as a functional group.

Then the package body would simply be a pass through to the actual program. Then build your test around that package.

This is NOT ideal, I realize that. But it will get you where you want to go - NOW.