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Creation Procedure with error still "checks in" it!


How to replay (with team coding enabled):

1-Open the creation procedure
2-choose a name (fds1 for instance)
3-it opens with a template …just sato to database (ctr-S)

It appears the error highlighted but the procedure is “locked” (checked in), so you have to press check out to correct it

As a natural feature I’m expecting that when I’m compiling something via editor it shouldn’t ever make automatical “check in” if the compilation gave errors.

Filipe Silva


The workflow is a bit different to SQL Nav 5.5. In 5.5, the new object will also be checked in and then it will prompt the user to check out right away without the hassle of pressing the check out button. We will make changes so that it work the same as 5.5.

Note that this check in thing will only happen when you first save a new object. later on, if you make more changes and save it only saves to the DB version. I think it’s an appropriate workflow