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Cross schema suites


I started using the 1.5 beta, overall it’s very nice.

One problem I ran into. I use the setup, where I have installed QCT objects in a QCT schema (with public synonyms), and I put all my unit test packages to a dedicated unit test schema (UT). If I give proper permissions to UT, I can write tests connected to UT for packages in schema X. (This is one of the reasons I waited for this badly, I couldn’t do it in the previous version.) Everything works fine with the tests.

My only problem is, I can’t put my tests in a suit. If I create a suit, it’ll go under the UT schema. If I change the schema combo box in the toolbar of the dashboard to schema X, the suits disappear, so I can’t drag-n-drop them. Even if I drag-n-drop a test case in X into the empty suite window, it pops up the new suite dialog, but if I give a name and press OK, the new suite will be in the UT schema, and it will be empty.

My suggestion would be to leave the suites as they are, so they belong to their owner (UT), and don’t allow to define suites in other schemas. This is how it is now. But allow to put test cases defined for any program in any schema to be put in a suite. So when I change the user/schema name in the toolbar combobox, it should only affect the “Test Definitions” window, the suites window should remain unaffected (‘global’). This would also allow to put test definitions for programs in schema X and for programs in schema Y to be put under the same suite, which would be really cool.


This is a remarkable email!

Just yesterday we were going over some bugs related to visibility of suites and programs within suites and I decided that the following rules will apply in the first patch to our commercial release:

  • The Schema combobox would only apply to test definitions (not suites).

  • You will see suites that are owned by the currently connected schema (not the QCTO owner). I think that some amount of filtering is critical.

So great minds think…almost alike.

Many thanks! SF

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