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CRUD Cre/Other


In the CRUD matrix, I know what the first four columns are, but I’m not sure what the CRE and OTHER columns are? Nothing ever seems to be checked in those columns.

Usually, CRE would be for Create, but there is already an INS (insert) column (which does get checked).




Hi Charlie,

Yes the CRE is for Create statement which is different with INS(insert), you will see the difference insert CRUD Matrix for the following sql:

CREATE TABLE test (a_test number);

The OTHERS is for the other DMLs and DDLs besides the 5 in the columns, for example for ALTER statements.

Please let us know if you have any questions, thanks.




How does that work in PL/SQL? You can’t put DDL statements directly in PL/SQL, you have to use something like EXECUTE IMMEDIATE. When I do it that way, it doesn’t show up in the CRUD Matrix.