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In some instances in a package, an object of “<N/A>” will appear in the object list of the CRUD Matrix. I’m not sure what it means or what makes it appear in the CRUD Matrix. Is this a bug or does “<N/A>” mean something?

I will also (attempt to) attached a package body with the matrix at the top.

-Charlie (26.8 KB)


We’ve got our ‘thinking caps’ on for this one Charlie
…I’ll let you know when we’ve figured it out!!



Hey Charlie,

The answer to this one ended up being very simple…
If you have a look at the attached screen shot, it is easy to explain.

The types of SQL Statements defined in the matrix are:

  • Select
  • Insert
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Create
    Anything not in this category (i.e. the commit) are categorised as <N/A> and will be given the ‘Other’ object category.



I know the “Other” column is used for Objects when they are used for something other than CRUD. My first attachment (if it works) shows the Other column checked for the object Dual because the anchored declaration. That makes sense to me.

I guess what I don’t really understand is the Object “<N/A>”. As you see in my second attachment (and Jamie’s attachment), it is created in the matrix because of the Commit statement (or a Rollback stmt). To me, a commit or rollback should not produce a line in the matrix unless it explicitly says COMMIT or ROLLBACK in the matrix. I can see how that could be helpful.

Enhancement request - Can the <N/A> be changed to say Commit or Rollback? Right now, a <N/A> row checked as Other does not help anyone looking at the code. It is a row that I delete every time I insert a CRUD matrix into my code.



Sorry for the delay in replying Charlie… I was unable to log in to the community yesterday.

Yep, I think this enhancement is fair enough. The CRUD engine needs to be a little smarter!!
I’ve raised an enhancement request.