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There may be a open CR on the CRUD matrix, but I’d like to add a couple things.

  1. You can’t get to it from UE, only from the old editor.
  2. Can there be an option to have the dividing lines between each object or not? It looks good if you only have a handful of objects, but it your package has 30-60 objects, the lines make the matrix very big. I put a CRUD matrix on top of all my package bodies, and those lines are a lot of wasted space.
  3. Can there be an option to have it sorted by name?
  4. Button to copy all to clipboard.



Hi Charlie,

I checked, and there are several CRs relating tot he CRUD…
I have updated the last CR that was raised for you (206564) and upped it’s priority.
As the Code Editor does not support the CRUD, we need to get this added, as it is now a regression issue !!

  • Jaime -