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Hi Guys,

This used to put the name of the variable that you were outputting which was very useful, especially when you’re debugging and you have multiple outputs, some of which might be null or blank. Is there a reason that you stopped doing this?



Hi Jet,
You’re talking about the feature where SQL nav inserts a selected variable into a dbms.output statement right?
I believe it’s still working. THese are the steps I followed:

  • put a cursor on a variable
  • press CTRL + F2
  • move to a new line and press ctrl+V to paste the statement from clipboard



Hi Gwen,

Yes, it still works, but it works differently in 5.5. Try it in 5.5 and you’ll see what I mean.



I see it now. It doesn’t tell you which variable is being printed out. It will be fixed in later build then.