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Current database object has been modified


I’m continually getting this message when I have multiple packages open. I know no one else is working on these packages so why do I get this message?

I think, maybe, your dependency checking has gone awry.

I keep getting the message until I save the package then it goes away.



Hi Jet,

Would you mind provide us the steps to reproduce this issue (as detailed as possible)? I’ve been playing around with packages but didn’t have that problem.



I’m not sure I can but I’ll try.

Near as I can tell, you have to have multiple packages that depend on each other, open and then make changes to one and switch to the other.



Looks like if you have two packages open, one that references the other and you modify the one that is referenced by the other, you’ll get this message.

Shouldn’t be hard to duplicate if you play with it a little bit.

It’s very annoying and I’m concerned that I’m going to lose changes on account of this. It’s not a small thing.



HI Jet,

These are the steps I followed:

  • Create 2 packages: test1, test2. Test1 has proc1 that called test2.proc2.
  • Make changes to test2.proc2 (in this case, I changed the number of parameters the proc has) and save the package
  • Switch to test1.proc1 run --> error (correct because test2.proc2 has been modified)
  • Switch to test2, then switch back to test1 body --> get the message to reload the object.

The reason Nav prompt to reload is because the changes in test2.proc2 can affect the execution of test1.proc1. This is correct behaviour.
If you make changes to test2.proc2 that does not affect the execution of test1.proc1 (for example add a statement to print out something inside the proc) then you can compile the object when you’re in the body tab to avoid these messages. If you save the object when you’re in the spec tab, oracle would mark test1 as invalid and change the timestamp when it is executed.

let me know if this is how you got the message or if my explanation is too confusing.



Hi Gwen,

I’ll have to play with it some more to figure out exactly what is causing this to happen.

I’m doing development and that’s where my head is at so it’s hard to figure out what I did that causes the message to happen. I just know that it asking me to reload packages from the database that no one else has changed and it doesn’t make any sense to ask me that question.

Either the error message is misleading or it’s doing something it shouldn’t be doing.

I’ll try to keep better track of it today.