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Cursor and Parameter Settings tab in the Optimize SQL window (SQL Optimizer for SQL Server 10.0)


I have copied a SELECT statement from a stored procedure into the Optimize SQL window. I now want to set the values for the parameters (bind variables in Oracle lingo). I can’t find the tab that is described in the Help. Of course, no screen image is included in the help. Another area of the help says to just click on the auto optimize icon, implying that it will then prompt for the values, but that doesn’t happen. The status goes to “Checking bind variables” and after an hour, it is still in the same status.

How can I enter values for the parameters needed by my SELECT statement?


Dell SQL Optimizer will automatically detect the bind variables for a given SQL statement. When you press Get Plan, Auto Optimize or Test Run button, will prompt a window to allow you to set the value and data type for bind variables. The Cursor and Parameter Settings tab is readonly and it shows what variables detected and what values set. Can you let me know your SQL text and table definition? Thanks.