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Customisation - Property of Type "List"



I’m pretty comfortable with the customisation of my TDM at the moment, but I’m struggling with a property of type “List”, there doesn’t seem to be a data control that hosts this property type on the fly, so I gather that a more advanced process should be followed here? Maybe create a separate class and use Dispatch? (I did tick the “List” attribute for the property as well).

Here’s what I want to do… I want to create a list Property to house lookup data values for the entity, eg. GENDER entity then the list will contain MALE and FEMALE.

Can someone maybe run me through the process of meeting this requirement? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a list property.

Thanks in advance


Hello Rudi,

We’re not quite sure if we understand well, nevertheless you may try to use widestring property in combination with DataStaticComboBox.

Does it help? If not, please try to explain more (more examples…).



Vladka + TDM Team



Please read the following article on our weblog:

It might help.


Vladka + Team