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Customized timings for each workload iteration


Does anyone know of a way to apply different timings to iterations inside a standard benchmark workload? Or how to have iterations decrease in load rather than increase? For example I would like to run the TPC-C or -E mix simulating a daily workload with nightly maintenance and day time peaks.

In my mind the scenario looks something like this:

8:00am - workload scales gradually up to some peak value, hitting the peak around noon.

12:00pm - workload scales down from peak to some low level

8:00pm - workload stays constant at a low level for 12 hours.

I could do this by creating a script that runs each time period in series - but is there a better way?



PS - obviously this is not for an actual benchmark run, I’m interested in looking at how the workload interacts with other applications on the same storage during peak, and non-peak times.