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Customizing Test Definition in Code Tester fails


We removed an Argument from the list of parameters for a function and tried to update the Test Definition. In order to remove the argument I:

  • Open up the Test Editor for the specific Program being tested
  • Expand list of Test Elements
  • Right-click on the removed test element
  • Select *Remove test element. *

I immediately get the “Unexpected Error Occurred” dialog with the following Message:

Internal error. Test element {…long GUID…} not found in cache collection.

Then whether I cancel or continue to create the support bundle, the dialog repeatedly comes up. I have to End Task on Code Tester to continue working. Unfortunately we are developing on a separate network so I cannot send the support bundle. We are using version of Code Tester.

Anyone know of a solution or workaround?




There is a new procedure in newest version of Code Tester that prevent this. There is also a powerfull Code Evolution functionality which automates this task by automatically updating a test definition to realign it with the revised program that is being tested in the newest version of Code Tester.

To prevent mentioned issue in version 2 you should try to delete related outcomes or test cases before the removal of test element.

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