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Dashboard: Select schema from dropdown list


Hi CodeTester-Team

I am using the CodeTester on a database with hundreds of different schemas. Everytime I have to switch the current schema within the Dashboard I have to manually scroll up/down within the dropdown box. Therefore, can you please implement the functionality, that I only have to press key “L” (for example) and the list automatically jumps to all schemas beginning with this letter? That would be great :slight_smile:


PS: I think this is already implemented in some other areas of the CodeTester.


In CT2, we are shifting to a more typical browser paradigm, so you will simply click on the schema name in the browser to open it and drill down from there.



Hi Steven

Will the tree view work like Daniel prefers in CT 2.0 – with the keyboard? Lets say we have 100 schemas and we would like to be able to select the schema using the keyboard for speed – eg by pressing SC for SCOTT.

It would be even better if we on top could select the schema through the command line.




Sadly, no. It does not currently work like that. Pressing letters does not move you through the schema list.


It would be nice if that could be fixed before CT 2.0 goes production as that’s standard Tree View behavior. For instance, check how Windows Explorer behaves in this respect when you have a list of folders on your file system and you can select the one you need by typing the beginning of the folder name.