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data changes pending when dataset read-only


select * from where
Updatable is off, the bottom of the data set says “Data Set is Read-Only; 8 row(s) fetched”

Doubleclick on a field - Cell editor opens. It’s read-only, so nothing can be changed. Now click OK. The row changes color, as if there were changes made. And when i try to execute some query, a confirm dialogue pops up asking “There are pending changes to data that have not been applied or cancelled. Do you want to save changes and re-execute? Yes/No/Cancel”… clicking Yes says “internal error ocurred; see file ERROR-LOG for details”. Error.log says “v6.0.0 2008-05-14 11:40:11 Access violation at address 00408232 in module ‘SQLNav6.exe’. Read of address 0000001D”

Nothing like that (starting from coloring) should happen, when the data set is read only…
Maybe in an non-editable code editor there should be only one button (Close) and not two buttons (Ok and cancel - what’s the difference between them here?)


Good job, Andres! Maybe we can disabled the Ok button if the query is not updateable.