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Data Compare


1.Information about source shall be extended with serwer name.
Usually I will compare [synchronize] the same tables, so information what
serwer’s data is on the left
is a more important then table name [selected at the top of page].

  1. This information shall be always visible. When comparing 2 tables with load
    of columns,
    information about source / destination moves out of sight.

  2. Maybe it would be better if column ‘Status’ would be fixed at the middle of
    the screen
    and scr / dst recordsets will be placed on both sides with adequate
    [synchronized] scrolls.?

[] [Status] []
4. Is there any [greater then 0] chance to add
Status filters to Row Viewer? It allows to show what really changed between both

  1. I cannot do anything with this filter. What is it for?

  2. Imho it would be far more usable if I would be able to chose direction data
    will be moved.
    ‘On wizard level’ I can chose what will be source and what will be a target.
    But in situation when some data are correct on left and some on right I have to
    made a lot of work to sychronise them
    The same mechanizm I’m trying to describe works on Total Commander