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Data Compare


few issues / proposals:

  1. please add a hint to server icons. Hint shall contains alias information [server / schema]
  2. please add status filters to row level

The most important issue. Few threads ago I asked about possibility to generate synchro scripts for DiffViewer. Somebody posted information, that using Data Compare I will be able to generate synchro scripts. But there is slight difference: I can send data do DiffViewer from query* result - it means that I can limit compared data to needed level. I cannot perform the same activity in against objects in Data Compare tools - I have to compare whole tables…

    • I know that query could be run against multiple objects.



I created CR108650 for first two items.

In our next release we plan to replace the Data Diff Viewer with a version of Data Compare. So there you will be able to send the results of a query to Data Compare.