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Data filter


2 issues about Data filtering

a. when applying filter there is no information about activity. I defined filter
on not so big table, but it took few second to get result. Till this I had no
idea if there no data that met criteria or request has being still processed

b. I work in 2 display environment. TOAD has been run on 2nd display, but ‘data
filter’ window always pops up on primary display. Lets say, that once is
acceptable [but inconvenient] but when had been moved to correct display shall
imho pop up there where was closed first time



a. Please see to the status bar. Toad displays all activities there – see
my screen below.

b. Yes it is some kind of issue when you place toad on your secondary monitor,
but all works fine if Toad located on your main monitor. I’ve created
CR82103 for this.

Thank you!


Alexander Maximov