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Data Generator - Exceptions

Got this after setting the minimum value to 0 and then clicking into the Maximum value field.

Issue #2: Selecting a bit field, really should have different Populate with options. The current option list makes no sense.

Issue #3: ? button to the right of the fields - in High DPI not sure if there's supposed to be text there or not but it gets cut-off on my screen.

Suggestion #1 - DateTime data type fields should have option to specify whether or not you want a time element.

For example most of the time I don't but in some cases I do.

Suggestion #2 - Easy way to select random records from a different table.

For example, if creating records for a customer table, want an easy way to select random salespeople from the salesperson table, or random Terms from the Terms table.

Maybe give me an expression builder so that I can type a statement like:

SELECT SalespersonCode FROM Salesperson

and then let you just randomize the records selected.

Suggestion #3 - Phone Numbers

Our phone number fields are stored with formatting - would be nice to have some options such as North American formatting, international formatting. Maybe something similar to what they do on

Either way very exciting to see this feature being added to Toad.

Hi Darren,

Thank you very much for your support and great Suggestion.

Issue #1, we have fixed it, please kindly try in next beta.

Issue #2 and #3, I log them and we will fix it.

We also will discuss your suggestion and keep you update. Thank you.

Best Regards,