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The Prepare table statements have formatting issues - strangeness with the way they show the square brackets.


[dbo.Customer] but expect to see [dbo].[Customer] or just dbo.Customer

Table names containing spaces show

[dbo.[Table Name]] but expect to see [dbo].[Table Name] or dbo.[Table Name]

Question: How do I have it generate random 0/1 properties for BIT Fields?


Hi Darren,

Thank you very much. I have log this issue and we will try to fix it. Thanks again.



1st point: Why does it add every table in the database? It took almost 20 minutes to add the 496 tables in my app, but I only needed data generated for 2 of them. Why not have the wizard ask to confirm the tables at the beginning before it does any work?

2nd point: How do you actually get it to generate the data in the database? The Hamburger menu in the top left (hate those things in desktop apps by the way – really - what’s the point - why not just put those menu entries across the top of the screen in a toolbar?) only seems to have options for export to .csv and excel, but we’re already in SQL Server, already in the correct destination database – where’s the option to just execute it on the current tables?


Hi Darren,

Sorry for your inconvenience. We can select the tables needed data generated in Object Explorer, then right click them->Data Generator, the tables we select can be send to data generator. But we can refresh database schema in data generator for now. if we click refresh button ,it will add all table in database.

For generate the data in database, we can click the generate button in top right. And we have some generate options. Hope this can help.


Best Regards,




For the first point, after discuss, we will try to improve this.

Thank you very much.