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Data Grid Checking Nullable Columns

I “think” this just started in V11 of TOAD…

When you are in the Data Grid, and you create a new record, when entering data for that record, it is checking the “nullable” property of the column definition and requiring data in those columns.

While that seems perfectly acceptable, we have columns that are required, but that are populated by the trigger (like audit columns, date_entered, entered_by…)… So, since TOAD is saying the value is required, you have to put a value, but since it is an audit column, we reject the insert since you are providing data in a non-insertable column(perhaps a trigger that is too restrictive (we could just overwrite the value instead of rejecting the insert; I think we erred on the side of forcing the front-end to do it correctly instead of just fixing it), but that is the way it has always been and we have hundreds of triggers that are written the same way).

I am looking for a way to turn off the TOAD nullable check in the data grid, but cannot find it. In past versions, you could leave the values empty and once the insert occurred, the trigger would populate those values and everything would be fine…

I know I could fix this by changing our trigger, but I was hoping there would be a TOAD option to stop checking…

I see this happening in Toad 11’s Editor, but not the Schema Browser. Edit
your table there and it should work as you expect.

It works in the Editor of the current beta, so it should be fixed for the next