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data grid efficiency



As you can see from the screenshot the data grid efficiency (visible content on a given area) is is 6.0 approximately 20 percent less the in 5.5. This is true for columns and rows. To much space is wasted in this way.
This is because the cell size does not depends on the given font and it’s size.
Would be good if you could make this work like it does in 5.5.
Well, the (very pleasant) alternating color should remain :slight_smile:

Thank you and Regards



Hi Andre,

In fact, the cell size does depend on the font size. The main difference between grids in 5.5 and 6.0 seems that the spacing between grid lines and text in 6.0 is greater. To me, it’s not obvious that reducing the spacing for ‘efficiency’ would make the grid more readable. Perhaps, this could be controlled by another preference. We will consider this as enhancement for one of the future releases.

Thank you,


Hi Roman.

Not more readable for sure. But more content in a given area.
Such an preference would be useful for sure.
Please take this into consideration.

Thank you