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How to upload excel file using toad ?



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Keven Wen




I see where your post was moved… did you get the answer yet?

I may be able to help.


Morning mikhan1,

This is how you import a file from Excel into an existing table in Oracle.

Click Database->Import->Import Table Data.

On the first screen, pick your schema, object_type (tables) and select an existing table from the drop down. You can also truncate the table, disable/enable constraints and/or triggers here.

When done, click the ‘next’ button. (Bottom right of window!)

Next you have to pick a source file type (you want Excel file) and choose the actual filename. Click next.

On the following screen, define your data formats in the excel file - dates in my case are always DMY with 4 digit years and a '/ separator. Times have ‘;’ as a separator etc.

If you have a single line of headings, the starting row should be 2 - it defaults to 1. If you have no headings in the excel file, leave it as 1. Adjust accordingly for your file’s headings.

Click next.

On the preview screen, check it all looks ok. Along the top you will see the table’s columns and underneath a selection of the data from the Excel file. Click next or back accordingly until it’s all fine.

Verify the mappings on the next screen - which columns from the file go into the columns on the table. You can also flag up key columns here by checking the appropriate checkbox. Click next.

Finally, specify the input mode. Here you need to say whether or not the data will be committed, one commit after all rows is best. (Other opinions are available!)

Click the ‘execute’ button, and wait…