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data not displayed after chr(0) in varchar2 column


Try updating some column value to

‘this is some text’||chr(0)||‘and there is some more’

Now try to select it. It shows only the text up to chr(0). Try selecting length(column_name) or dump(column_name) and you see, the data is actually there.


Hi Andres,

This is a good catch. I need to investigate at what level the truncation occurs. We don’t use C language or C-style string handling routines, so I don’t really understand why this problem occurs (C considers 0 character as end of string). Did you try to double-click the value and see what comes up in the pop-up editor? Anyway, I’ll investigate.

Thank you,

PS. By the way, this problem also exists in 5.5.


Yes, the popup editor also shows the truncated value.