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Data Population by Benchmark factory



How unique is the data populated into Oracle databases by Benchmark factory in a typical TPC-C workload.


The TPC-C data load is done be the TPC-C specification, so the data is unique as described by the specification. Several of the random character data is truly random, so it will be very unique. But BMF takes great care to make sure that the data is the same each time it is created by seeding our random number generators at the start of each load. So the data load will not be unique when compared from load to load.


Thanks a lot for the reply.

We tried EMC NAS de-duplication on an RMAN file of 2 GB.This file was created when a database populated by Benchmark factory was backed up.After the depulication process we got space savings of 1,904MB(93% of origianal data size).This is very contrasting when compared to the point that data generated by Benchmark factory is unique.Can you please let me know as to why deduplication is giving so much of space savings even though the BMF data is not unique.