Data Pump Export remove users with no objects needs to be run multiple times

Hey all,

I’m doing a schema Data Pump Export in beta. I added all schemas, then clicked on the “Remove users with no objects” button. I was surprised that an IT account was left so I did a “SELECT * FROM DBA_OBJECTS WHERE OWNER = ‘THAT_IT_ACCOUNT’” from the Editor, but no rows were returned. Whew! That’s what I was hoping for…

Back in Data Pump Export, I clicked on the “Remove users with no objects” button again and a few more users were dropped. Again, and more were dropped. I think the third or fourth time, all the users with no objects were removed.

Easily worked around, but posted here for y’all.


Thanks Rich. This will be fixed once we get into betas again.

Confirmed fixed in beta. Thanks, John! [B]