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Database Alarm in Spotlight Enterprise


We use Spotlight Enterprise für SQL Server.

We have Servers where we get:

Databases - Data File Group Space Used Alarm
Databases - Dynamic Data File Group Growths Remaining alarm
Databases - Log File Space Used Alarm
Databases - Dynamic Log File Growths Remaining alarm

but no Information which database is mean. We have a lot gig free on the Servers. All the grow steps is ok. And all is autogrow.

What should i do? Ignore all These alarms?

An link to the right Information would be helpful.




Hi Henrik,

These alarms include the {{SQLFileGroups.DBName}} variable in their descriptions so the name of the database is shown once alarm is raised. Similar to other alarms, when you see these alarms raised in Home page of Spotlight, simply right-click on them to choose the Diagnose option. This will take you to the Databases drilldown listing all databases. This drilldown has two additional panes at bottom of screen showing details of each database, including data files and log files and their space allocation values. This data should give you adequate information on why these alarms were raised.

There is an article in our supportlink site that gives more information on these alarms:

Or simply open Spotlight Help Content and search for each alarm name to see a full description.

Also take look at the default threshold values of each severity level of these alarms from Configure | Alarms window.

Hope that helps. if you still need more clarification, you can always contact our support team and submit a service request.

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