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Database Diagramming


I was attempting to quickly create a DB diagram this morning in a meeting. I was somewhat embarrassed by the difficulties I ran into.

I added a table that was the “root” table of a small constellation of tables. So, I set the “Reference Depth” value to 1. This did, indeed, bring in the additional tables I was looking for (and a few I wasn’t, but that was due to the question at hand, not TOAD ).

I removed the tables not needed for the discussion in the meeting, and then went to grab in a couple of other tables we needed for the discussion. As I knew that I only wanted 2 or 3 tables, and not any of their references, I dropped the “Reference Depth” back down to 0. And watched as all my tables save one disappeared. This was … unexepected. And completely undesired.

I ended up leaving the “Reference Depth” set to 0, and manually re-added all of the tables I needed. This was somewhat time-consuming, and boring for the people watching. It was also, as previously mentioned, somewhat embarrassing for me.

I have looked at the settings, and I do not see a way to change this behaviour. Neither do I see anything obvious that would indicate that this is what is expected to happen.

It would be nice to have the DB diagrammer keep whatever tables are there when the depth selection is changed, rather than suddenly dropping all but one of them. Or, alternately, adding in a dozen or two unwanted tables.

It would be nicer to be able to set the desired behaviour in the settings.

It would be nicest to be able to set the desired DEFAULT behaviour in the settings, and have the option to override that behaviour when I change the depth.

It is not difficult to imagine a scenario where I want to add in a few singleton tables, a “constellation” of tables, with a ref depth of 1, and another “constellation” of tables with a ref depth of 2. It would be very nice if the DB diagrammer supported this functionality.


I created the CR 107333 to track the enhancement.