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Database Error > Sybase ASE



When I click on the “editor” button from the main “ribbon” toolbar I get the following error: “Only the DBO of database ** or a user with System Administrator (SA) role can run this command”. If I click ok I can query the database. This error does not happen when I launch query builder.


FYI - This does not happen with my Oracle connections


To Dave - Stt:

Thank you for posting in Toad World!

I was able to reproduce your issue by connecting a Sybase connection with a non-System Administrator account.

This bug is now associated with the issue ticket that I created, “TSY-840 - Database Error popup appears when opening Editor.”

A member of our dev team will reply when the investigation of TSY-840 has concluded.

Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Software Associate Developer I,
-Joshua Liong