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Database Systems Supported in TDM3 - Revised Plan


Hello All,

Let me announce that we have changed the database coverage plans.

According to your feedback in the community, PostgreSQL database received higher priority compare to DB2 database.

DB2 database will be supported, however after TDM 3.0 release.


More details:

We plan to implement support for PostgreSQL 8.1 in Toad Data Modeler 3.0.
If we manage to finish this task before the official release of TDM 3.0, we will launch Beta version containing the PostgreSQL support. (In other words, as soon as the support is finished, you will have it. )

…And this is not all…

If everything goes smoothly, also PostgreSQL 8.2 will be supported (this PostgreSQL version is not in TDM2).

*…and a lot more…
*- MySQL 5.0 will be also supported in TDM 3.0.

  • We’ve already started working on support for Sybase ASE 15 and Sybase ASE 12.5.(and are getting on quite well… )

See the revised “TDM3 BETA - Basic Info and Comparison Matrix” document (‘Supported Database Systems’ section) at:


And finally, quick information for those who got lost in taks snowed under with work:
It’s Friday today, so remember to wind down during the weekend.
…And get back full of energy to our Beta on Monday!

Take care,