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Date for next updated beta drop of SQL Navigator 7.0



We are eagerly waiting for the next updated beta drop for SQL Navigator 7.0. Do you have a beta drop planned in the next week or so?

We’re blocked to any further testing of the Team Coding functionality in SQL Nav due to the TC_GROUP_ID and TC_SCRIPT_ID errors.

09:34:57 Team Coding Install Error : Sequence TC_GROUP_ID not found
09:34:57 Team Coding Install Error : Sequence TC_SCRIPT_ID not found

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Hi Cindy,

Sorry for some delay with the new beta drop. We had some regression issues in caused by recent changes made. We will try to provide another drop by end this Fri.

Thanks and regards,



Hi Cindy,

Build 2933 is now available.…/ (114mb)

Could you please check it out for us.

Thanks and regards,