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David Christian !!


Today is my friend David Christian’s last day at Quest.

David has been my friend in the development of Toad-SS and associated
technologies since the summer of 2005, when the whole idea of Toad-ss was just
getting started or getting serious.

If you liked what you saw in Toad-SS over the last few years, David was either
in the fore-front on the fix, new feature or in the back ground assisting others
like John Ortega, Henrik, Igor and many others.

So when you sit around the campfire of your living room this weekend, raise a
glass of toast to my friend Mr. David Christian he has served Quest and this
user community well, and specifically wish him well in the totally new business
adventure he and his family are going to pursue.

Respectfully !!!

Hank Freeman

Senior Systems, Database/Data Warehouse Architect

678-414-0090 my cell Primary