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DB Explorer and losing connection



When expanding a schema node in DB Exploring you get “Expanding”
but if you have lost connection you do not get after that any feedback that the connection was lost. (The node says “Expanding” and nothing else)
Because was taking too long I made a select * from dual and check that the connection was lost.

When the connection lost after starting the Expanding I normally get in the DB Explorer below a node (like tables) the “ORA-03114: não está ligado ao ORACLE” message. I think that the problem is only when the connection was already lost before the “expanding”.

After that I made a session -> reconnect and I got the above output: ???
Following reconnects and expanding of that node still get the same output
Only F5 fixed that


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Hi Filipe,

We used to get error messages while expanding DB Explorer nodes as red text under the node. It looks like some recent change broke this functionality. I’m investigating now. Thanks for pointing it out. Other than that, I don’t think there’s much we can do about lost connections.



Hi Roman

I would suggest that the reconnect invalidates the “cache” if the was a lost of connection (at least) so its not needed for the user (to guess?) to use F5 to solve the issue?