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Using DB Explorer, when I type in a filter, say XXVG% , then go down to the Package Bodies and expand it, all my packages that start with XXVG are displayed (about 150 of them) - which is great, and fast. But, then it takes anywhere between 10 and 30 seconds before I can click on a package name to open it. SQL Nav is doing something after the list is displayed, and it does not allow me to click on a name.



Hi Charlie,

Sorry for my late reply. I did experiencing a bit of lagging while trying to select an object after filtering but it only happens the first time I log into a schema. After that, it selects object right away. I used the sqlmonitor but didn’t see anything strange in terms of firing queries. I will keep investigating and keep you posted.



Hi Gwen

It’s a somewhat side question: but how to use sqlmonitor to find the statements SQLNav is making? (or where is that documentation?)



Hi Filipe,

You can find SQLMonitor under Start>Program>Quest Software> SQL Navigator. Select/Tick an application on the Application tab on the left side. The applications are only shown if you have them running at the same time. Then you can go back to Nav and do whatever, the queries will be displayed in the right part of the monitor window.

Hope this helps


thanks Gwen, I didn’t changed the process tab on the right side and was not seeing anything…


PS: just another notice: the profile manger shipped with the beta version is a old one and doesn’t allow to migrate a profile to the beta version


Spot on, Filipe. We will fix it soon. Thanks.


The problem I had with SQLMonitor (in windows Vista) is that if I use File->launch process and them choosing the SQLNavigator executable, the SQLmonitor doesn’t show anything in the tab (so spool is showned)…but if the process is already started (outside SQLmonitor) it works (after the checking)

Update: If you un-check and check it again the process launched from SQLMonitor the spool works. A fix for SQLMonitor is needed …(to start unselected?)



Hi Filipe,

Please refer to my reply in the other thread.



Can you please look into this again? It is very, very annoying. When I open up SQL Nav, set a filter for my packages, it takes a good 30 seconds before I can click on and open a package. SQL Nav is doing something in the background - that it doesnt need to. The package names are already filtered.

I am using the latest build - 1502.



Hi Charlie
Can you check with SQL Monitor on your side too?

Hi Gwen

When filtering (A%) and opening the package node I got

select object_name,decode(status,‘VALID’,0,1) from sys.all_objects
where owner=:owner and object_type=:type and object_name not like ‘BIN$%’ and
object_name like :filterowner = ‘F’
TYPE = ‘P’
filter = ‘A’

when clicking in a package I got

select USER owner,a.object_name,a.object_id,a.created,a.last_ddl_time,
decode(a.status,‘VALID’,0,‘INVALID’,1,2) statusfrom user_objects a
where object_name like :object_name
and object_type=:object_type
object_type = ‘P’
object_name = ‘%’

(before team coding SQL)

Is that an expected SQL?

Regards to all


Hi Charlie,

Do you experience the same problem in other versions of SQL Navigator? 5.5, 6.0? I’m pretty sure we didn’t change anything in this area in the last few months, so what’s happening in the background hasn’t changed. I noticed too some delay the first time an object is selected, but thought it’s only on slow databases. Anyway, it’s a serious issue and I will keep my eye on it.



Hi Charlie,

We have figured out the problem. When you click on one of the package, SQL Nav will run a query to get the properties of the package. Unfortunately we didn’t know to add name filter to this query. It goes through all the packages and takes sufficiently long if you have many packages in your schema. Sorry for the inconvenience you’re experiencing, we’ll fix this and speed it up asap. This should be in in the first beta of 6.3.



Great! Thanks. Yes, we have 30,000+ packages in our schema.

I can’t wait to get 6.3 beta