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DB Explorer makes a very strange query



With Quest SQL Tracker I found out that when moving to an already opened node under a table it makes a very strange query (maybe that is an error in SQL tracker reporting the query?): looking for indexes whith the name ‘Indexes’, constraints with the name ‘constraints’ , etc…

Even if the query is wrongly reported in SQL tracker it doesn’t make sense to make a query at that point, because the node doesn’t refresh.



Hi again

I think I know waht is going on there… the refresh of a sub node is acting like the refresh of the upper node (in this case the table node) it shouldn’t.



Hi again

more on that (by refresh object I mean refresh the object info (and opened subnodes))

  1. Refreshing an object subnode (index of a table) is refreshing all the sub-nodes that are opened -> I think it shouldn’t. It should only refresh that object (index for instance) -> only if I refreshed the table node all the subnodes should refresh

  2. Refreshing a type sub-node (for instance “indexes”) should refresh all objects of that type under the table

  3. is particulary time-consuming especially if you only what to refresh the columns of an index

Thanks for your attention


Hi Filipe,

You’re right. The Refresh action refreshes all the opened objects(even a package far away whose Entries node is expanded). Only its ascendent objects and expanded descendent nodes should be refreshed. I will create a CR for this.



Not fixed in build 1824


This will be fixed after 6.3.