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DB Explorer vs DB Navigator problems


Advantages of DB explorer:

  • filter

Problems I have with DB Explorer:

  • can’t drop a dragged object from another DB Explorer
  • can’t close it or minimize it. Have to put it with less width to have more code space.


Ok, I’m going to see if this helps, but if not I will let the smart people answer. In connection 1 click on an object, drag it down to the db navigators along the bottom. Hover over it for a few seconds then it should come to the foreground, then put the cursor in the sql editor area and release the mouse button. As for the other, you can unpin it, then it collapses. Then when needed take mouse over the toolbox and it will expand for that time.
(Sorry if this is not what you are meaning)



Hi Filipe,

There are many more advantages of DB Explorer that you will find, such as:

  • much faster than DB Navigator
  • nodes are expanded in the background
  • shows all types of objects that exist in the database (Others node)
  • synonyms are grouped by the type of underlying object
  • you can drill down into DB Links
    On the other hand, DB Explorer lacks some functionality of DB Navigator. This will be addressed in release 6.2. Speaking of minimizing, there’s a good solution to this: Auto-Hide feature of the toolbox. Just click the ‘pin’ button in the right side of Toolbox’s title, and the Toolbox will be minimized to an icon. You can then bring it back by hovering the mouse over the icon.

Hope this helps,


I can do the drag to DB Navigator (from DB Explorer or DB Navigator)
but to DB Explorer I always get the forbid sign


The pin is great if you have the box aligned to the right…
if you have the box aligned to the left it will be above your code (for sure)

Maybe i just need now to get used to it


Is there any reason why you don’t want to align it to the right?


I was trying to use it in the left due that until 6 I had the outline in that place.

have a nice weekend