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DBMS_OUTPUT into custom reports ?



I would like to save the system output in a custom report. Is there a way to do this ?

If not, is it possible to add this feature into a future release ?




Do you mean that you would like the text written by calls to DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE in your own program to be available in a Code Tester report?

If so, could you please explain the “business case” for this? Why do you need/want this?

Thanks, SF


Hello Steven,

yes, that’s it.

Here is the reason: in my agency, developers do not their unit tests: there is a QA team (for which I’m the coordinator) responsible for all kind of testing (including unit testing). So when a developer send us a new release of a package, we install it on our own db environment, run the test and send him a custom report.

But when there is a problem on a big procedure, the developer ask us to provide him the system output informations. Currently, we send him the text of the QCTO System Output tab into a separate file. But it would be easier to include it in the report.



I do not see a way to get this done in our current version. We extract the contents of the buffer to display on the screen, but do not store it anywhere.

I will add this as an enhancement request for our next release.

If you would like to be notified when it is available, please create a support ticket with Quest Support.

Regards, SF


Ok thanks.