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DBNavigator problem


Sometimes the DBNav becomes unfunctional. Clicking on the + signs in front of the tree elements (such as tables, view, etc.) has no reaction and the error that occures is

15:55:58 Error -2147418113 has occurred



Hi Catalin,

Did you click the + sign in front of single table/view node(e.g. CONFIGPERS in attached screen shot), or did you click the + sign of the “Tables” or “Views” node to expend a list of tables/views?



I clicked on the + sign in front of a specific table.
Oh and for a better reproduction of the problem:
SO - Windows 7 Professional 64bit.

More details for this problem: it seems that this problem occures when using the scroll wheel of the mouse to scroll down the tables list and it only occures for the last 2-3 tables that are at the bottom of the screen in that moment. Double clicking on a table shows the table structure ok.


The problem with

10:04:39 Error -2147418113 has occurred

still persists in
it looks like this occures after a certain period of idle in SQLNav.


Hi I get this problem too after Nav has been idle for some time. Just got it on the last beta too. (

As you can see in the screen capture if you start scrolling it starts to lose the icons in the tree nodes and if you click on the plus to expand the tree node you get the following error message

3:29:26 PM Error -2147418113 has occurred

If you double click the name it will still open the object.
Sometimes the icons will refresh if you scroll slowly.

Should also say this is on Windows XP.


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Thanks for reporting this issues.
We manage to reproduce this issue.
CR 11130 has been already created for it.
We are working on it now.
Will get you back soon once we fix it.

Lyla Su