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Good afternoon,
Advice on DctoCmd.eхe.
Completed step import.
There metodannye, but there is a package for testing.
Package testing is always necessary to create or have a team?
-Generate Test definitions
/ Import =
/ Generate / T =

Analog button, but the command line

There is the following result.

It turned out to perform a test import, generation of test package, perform the test itself.

  1. It is not clear why at the time of start-up command line there is a delay before exiting. Command prompt, run and hang for a while. It seems that there is a delay before exiting. How to remove the delay?

  2. The test is performed. Running code 1. Just like in the command-line help. How to make an application to correctly handle DctoCmd.exe result information output on the command line?

Code Tester for Oracle 2016-03-11 18.53.06.png

Hi Karpov,

I will pass your question to our developers and get back to you.



I had a reply back from our developers and here’s their response:

The exit code for Code Tester command line application has a meaning of an internal exit code. Please refer to the output for a successful test run:

The exit code numbers can have following values:

excNoError, // 0

excTestSuccess, // 1

excTestFailure, // 2

excTestRuntimeError, // 3

excInvalidCommandLine, // 4

excLogonInfoNotFound, // 5

excDirNotFound, // 6

excFileNotFound, // 7

excCannotCreateDir, // 8

excCannotCreateFile, // 9

excGivenTestNotFound, // 10

excNotConnected, // 11

excDiffEIProgOwner, // 12

excDiffEIHarnOwner, // 13


excCLOBTooBig, // 14

excXMLNotInstalled, // 15

excBadOrCorruptedHeader, // 16

excMergeTargetNotFound, // 17

excQctoXMLError, // 18

excOracleError, // 19

excQUTExecutionError, // 20

excDeleteTestError, // 21

excGenerationError, // 22



excUtPLSQLTest, // 23

excUnknownRunError, // 24

excUnexpectedError, // 25

excInternalError // 26

Unfortunately, when a test is run successfully, the exit code value becomes excTestSuccess, which translates to 1. Similarly, when a test is run with a failure result, the exit code value becomes excTestFailure, which translates to 2… You can see that the command line application exit code cannot be simply 0, as is the common behavior of other Windows applications.

We have already issued some change requirements regarding the exit code behavior. I remember a discussion on a Toad World forum as well.

Regarding a delay. I don’t see any delay on my machine. After the exit code is printed, no delay is visible and command prompt vanishes.

Perhaps the user sees another delay somewhere else. I’m afraid, I don’t understand it actually.

I can give a hint though: First possibility is the delay before executing tests. Before executing tests, we need to establish a database connection, determine the tests to run, eventually export tests, eventually delete tests and eventually import the tests, depending on the command line parameters. Then the tests are actually run. After finishing the test run, the tests may be generated, depending on the command line parameter. Finally, the test results are stored into the database, using COMMIT database command.

That means that several features might be turned on/off with the command line parameters, in order to speed up the overall execution, while the database COMMIT is mandatory consuming a while in the overall execution.

I am looking into the other parameter values you asked about.

Hope this helps.


Hi, John Pocknell

On the PC1 (my) running for a long time. On PC2 (other) command line fast. I will analyze.

Is there a way to export the command-line test procedures of the package with the given name of XML?