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DDL Generation


Ok, I think when I turn off the “new tab in the Code Editor for each object” option and I do a ctrl-D on tables in from the schema navigator, I should get one tab with all the tables on which I do a ctrl-D. Is this correct?

Also, when I create a new tab doing this and try to close it without making any changes, Nav asks me if I want to save. This is a change from past behavior (and one that you had in and removed in the past) and I think it should return to how it work prior.



Hi Jet,

For the 2 issues you mentioned:

  1. Yes you are right. When it’s off, all the DDLs for the tables you selected will be in the same tab; if it’s on, one DDL will be in a single tab for each table.

  2. I have tried previous GA versions but unfortunatly I didn’t meet the prior situation as you said, I always get a prompt when closing even I create a new tab for generating. Let me check with our team later and see if we did have that before, and why did we remove it.


  1. It isn’t doing this. I get a new tab for each item I do a ctrl-D on. Maybe I need to do it a different way? Can you tell me how to get this to work?

  2. Thank you. I know for a fact it didn’t do this before because I brought it up before when you made the change prior and you guys put it back the way it’s always worked.


Hi Jet,

  1. Did you try to re-open code editor after you set that option? Sometimes we need to re-open it to make the new prefernce to be applied.
    And if it still doesn’t work, could you pls attach your pref file to us? Thanks.

  2. well I can confirm that we don’t give prompt for Browse/Edit data from table, but we always give with extract DDL.
    For not breaking most users’ usage, and also for a safer way, we would like to keep this workflow at the moment preferably.
    But anyway thank you for your suggestion and understanding.



Hi Jet,

For the first issue I just realized that I might misunderstood it.

Do you mean that you want all the DDLs went to the same tab even you generate several times separately? If so I’m afraid we don’t offer this option.

The preference “New tab in Code Editor for each object” we have now is for generating severl objects at a single time. That means if I have this option ff, and I try to generate several tables at the same time, they will be in one tab.


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  1. How do I generate multiple table ddl at the same time? I can’t select multiple tables in the schema browser.

  2. Maybe I’m confusing the ddl creation with the browsing. My mistake. Sorry about that.


How to generate multiple table DDLs:

  • In DB Explore: you can just select multiple tables by holding [Ctrl], and then do generate.
  • In DBNav tree: we can’t select multiple tables from the tree, and it’s by designed. But we can do this in the details tab. eg. focus on root node of tables, we can see the table list in the details tab, there we are able to select multiple tables by holding [Control] too.

No worries Jet, feel free the contact us anytime.

Thanks and regards,


Hi Shirly,

Ok, thanks. Either of those options will work well for what I need to be able to do.