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ddl sort for creation



It would be very helpfull to have “sort for creation” option for multi extracting objects. It would be nice improvement while creation of objects with relations (foreign keys, triggers and so on)

Regards Piter


Hi Piter,

I believe something like that already exists in SQL Navigator. I’m not sure if it works perfectly well, but I remember doing such work a couple of years ago. Maybe we need to better test this, and some examples from you would be very helpful.



Hi Piter,

I am guessing what is your wish. I believe this is similar to the issue already requested by one of the sqlnav5 users and logged as “Extract DDL script creates constraints after each corresponding table”, while in the previous versions CREATE constrainst were placed at the end of the script.

Roman is right, he worked on this issue in the past, altering Extract DDL from what you want now to the current state. So, we have this issue on table for the post 5.5 release, to reverse order in Extract DDL for multiple objects. Personally, I see a value in having Extract DDL script ready to create all objects and relations between them without worrying that script stops because object doesn’t exist!. See example from SH Oracle database.

Andrew (107 KB)


Exactly! I’m talking about that situation, in my opinion creation order could look like this:
tablespaces,roles,types,directories,tables,indexes,procedures,packages,functions,views,constraints,triggers,grants etc. Of course some types could be in other sort, depends of code.

Regards Piter