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Deactive entire test package please!


From a user:

Another question about Code Tester, now I can set the status of the test to inactive on procedure level. Is there any possiblilty to set the activity on package level? This question is because I’m develeoping new packages every day and then I just want to test the new packages (all packages just simply takes to much time). Now I have to start every day with setting the status of each procedure in each package to inactive and save this, and at the end of the day I have to make every procedure active again because of our nightly build where all code is copied to a new schema and compiled and the test are runned. If there could be a checkbox active at package level then this will save me a lot of time.


And this was my answer to Marianne:

Well, I will certainly add this as an ER. Should be easy to do (but not until 1.7). In the meantime, you can take care of this easily:

Here is a PL/SQL procedure to deactivate all unit tests for a package. I will add it to the helper package and post on the site when we release 1.6 (going into beta now):

**CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE deactivate_all (test_def_guid_in IN VARCHAR2)
l_unit_tests qu_unit_test_tp.qu_unit_test_tc;
l_unit_tests :=

FOR ut_index IN 1 … l_unit_tests.COUNT
UPDATE qu_unit_test
SET testing_status = ‘N’
WHERE harness_guid = test_def_guid_in;

END deactivate_all;**

Note that this program will have to be run from the code tester schema.