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Debug option/button



When you enable debug option and then close sqlnav, application saves that debug option was enabled. After restart of sqlnav debug button is unpressed, but debug option is active. Button should be pressed…
Check this.
Regards Piter


Hi Piter,

Have you upgraded to the 723 beta (with Schema Compare)?
I don’t seem to have your problem in 723… if you are not using that version, I will check the older one.



Hi Jaime!
Yes I have a newest version with schema compare. The simplest way to see that debug option is enabled are output commands, with “DEBUG” option in compile command.
Here are the steps to reproduce:
1.Enable debug option pressing button, then compile some code, procedure ,view etc. Watch output commands.
2. Close sqlnav
3.Open sqlnav, debug button is unpressed. Compile somethng, watch output commands…

Regards Piter


You are right

BUT… I went back to SQL Nav 5.1 and it behaves the same way
So this bug has been there for a while!!
I’ll log a CR for it… and thanks for picking it up!!



Yeah , you are right, but it’s small bug, not frustrating for users…


Hey there Piter,

We discussed this one at our CCB session yesterday…
Roman pointed out that the ‘PL/SQL Debugging’ option is not actually left on…
It is the ‘Include Debug Info’ option (see attachment), which is independent of the debugging option… but is activated with it.
Still, it is confusing, and we will (at some point in the future) fix up this usability issue!!